¡Metas y Ciclos en BNEFIT! Impulsando tu éxito y crecimiento.

Goals and Cycles in BNEFIT: Unlocking Your Path to Success

In BNEFIT, we didn’t randomly establish bonuses and incentives in our compensation plan. Instead, we based them on powerful life tools that have stood the test of time. Today, I want to talk about one of those tools: Goals and Cycles. These concepts are crucial for achieving success in our business, and I want to share how you can apply them to your journey towards realizing your dreams in BNEFIT.

At BNEFIT, we have identified important cycles that you need to understand in order to achieve success. These cycles are: Weekly, Monthly, 90-Day, Semester, and Annual. Each of them serves a purpose and provides opportunities for setting goals and reaching new levels of growth in your business. Let me guide you through each of these cycles and how they can propel you towards success in BNEFIT.

Weekly Cycle

This is where the foundation of our Wealth Plan begins. In BNEFIT, you have the opportunity to withdraw money on a weekly basis, specifically on Mondays. This means you should set weekly goals that enable you to make withdrawals every Monday. Setting weekly goals not only benefits your cash flow but also helps you demonstrate consistent results to your prospects and team members. For example, aim to achieve at least 3 registrations per week. Just imagine, with 3 business registrations, you could earn $1,080 per week.

Monthly Cycle

This is where your weekly goals connect and translate into monthly goals. In this cycle, it’s important to establish the rank you want to achieve within the month. I suggest setting a new rank each month and working towards solidifying and stabilizing it in the following cycle. It’s worth noting that the first three ranks can be achieved within the first three months. By following this rule, you could reach the Black Diamond rank in just 18 months, which means earning over $200,000 per month.

90-Day Cycle

This cycle is of utmost importance as it allows you to evaluate and adjust your goals in more detail. Each week and each month, analyze your results to determine if you’re on track to achieve your 90-day goals. During this cycle, it’s crucial to make adjustments when necessary and be willing to adapt to enter the next cycle with even greater strength.

Prize Cycle

This cycle is related to your first Leader Trip. From day one, set your destination for your first leadership trip. By traveling every 4 months, 3 times a year, you not only strengthen your business with inspiring testimonials but also reward yourself and accelerate your results. Don’t underestimate the power of these trips for your personal and professional growth.

Semester Cycle

This cycle is a culmination of the previous cycles and focuses on evaluation, adjustment, and refocusing. By this point, you will have had the opportunity to complete at least one leadership trip, which will help you address any delays in your results. Use this cycle to analyze your progress, establish new goals for the next semester, and reignite your motivation.

Annual Cycle

This cycle is the most important as it represents a full year of your journey in BNEFIT. During this cycle, you’ll have the opportunity to embark on your third trip: the Convention. You will have achieved the rank you set out for and will be rewarded on stage. Use this moment to sharpen your axe, reestablish goals and dreams, and begin with renewed enthusiasm.

Remember, BNEFIT encompasses the three most important business trends today: E-commerce, Travel, and Digital Marketing. With your online store, you have the opportunity to turn these trends into reality. Additionally, the leadership trips and education in digital marketing skills provide you with the necessary tools to achieve each goal and cycle.

At BNEFIT, we not only offer you an exciting and full of opportunities business, but also a community of dedicated entrepreneurs committed to success and supporting each other along the way. Join us in this adventure and discover your unlimited potential in BNEFIT!

Remember, each goal and cycle is a significant step towards your success in BNEFIT. Set clear goals, work with determination, and maintain your focus on continuous growth. Your future is in your hands!

Become the architect of your own success in BNEFIT!

Author: Aldo López

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